Vice Presidents


We are always looking at ways to grow our membership and Vice-President membership is open to everyone. Current members, potential new members, husbands, wife’s, parents, grandparents, everyone is welcome. It allows those who wish to do a little bit more, with the knowledge that the funds from the membership are directly attributed to the funding of our Academy section.

Vice President annual membership costs £100 (which if required can be paid in instalments)

Benefits as Vice-President:

• Membership of ESTCC.

• Supporting Junior Cricket in Earl Shilton.

• Association with a forward-thinking local Cricket Club.

• Help to increase membership/gravitas of the club.

• Annual invitation to Vice-Presidents evening. (including buffet)

• Annual invitation to Sponsor's day. (including buffet)

• Annual Handbook.

• Access to, and details of, club officials.

• Vice-Presidents pin badge.


Our Current Vice Presidents

Mick Coe

Pete Shaw

Lawrie Forrester

Sam Coe

Ben Coe

Phil Plant

Tim Haywood

Roy Longdon


If you would like to become a Vice-President of our Club, please contact our Chairman at